Imakatsu Dilemma Popper 70
Imakatsu Dilemma Popper 70
Imakatsu Dilemma Popper 70

Imakatsu Dilemma Popper 70

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Introducing the Imakatsu Dilemma Popper, a topwater lure that's as versatile as it is effective. Designed with a minnow-shaped body, this lure is perfect for multiple styles of action—whether you're popping or "walking the dog." As you walk the lure, it spits water and features a rear rattle that simulates the sound of a fleeing shrimp or prawn, attracting fish from all directions. Its aerodynamic body not only enhances casting distance but also ensures versatile action. The flat cupped face and extended lip generate excellent water traction, enhancing your retrieve. Target Australia's iconic sportfish like Bass, Bream, Jungle Perch, and many more with this dynamic lure. An offering from Imakatsu—a brand well-regarded for its range of high-quality bass lures—this popper is a must-have for both estuary and impoundment anglers.

70mm 6.6g  Floating

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